"He made fun of me."

Translation:Han gjorde meg til latter.

October 31, 2015

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I find this translation odd or even wrong. I would have said that "han gjorde nar av meg" is a better translation of "He made fun of me". Or maybe even "han latterliggorde meg". "Han gorde meg til latter" means "He made me laugh".


Another interesting phrase that just has to be learnt. It does sound, superficially to an English ear, that it is transitive and it is me that is made to laugh. But as explained, that is not the case.


I got ''He made me laugh'' on google translator, is that right?


No, that would be "Han fikk meg til å le".


i keep getting this wrong because i think it's "he made me laugh." are there other examples of this construct ([subject] gjorde [object] til [noun])? like, how would you translate, "det gjorde meg til søvn." Not, "it made me sleep"?

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