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"It is far too difficult to decide."

Translation:Det er altfor vanskelig å bestemme seg.

October 31, 2015



'å bestemme seg' is a reflexive verb in Norwegian.


Does that mean that you can also say it without seg or? idk it feels weird to say seg.


That has a different meaning in Norwegian. It would be closer to too difficult to rule.

You shouldn't worry about what "feels" right, you'll have to learn that Norwegian doesn't always follow the same rules as English does :)


Actually, you should learn what feels right in the language you're learning. I have learnt French to a reasonable level by feeling how each phrase goes, rather than by thinking about it which would make me speak very unnaturally with big pauses!


Shouldn't reflexives other than seg work here, since it is ambiguous whom the party is that is having difficulty deciding?


Is it possible to use TUNGT instead of VANSKELIG?


Kan "beslutte" brukes i denne setningen?


Why not å bestemme meg"? I ask because I interpreted the sentence to mean "it is far too difficult [for me] to decide. As is, the sentence is ambiguous in English as to who is doing the deciding. It depends on the context. (Was the prompt, "What do you want to eat tonight?" or "Should the government decriminalize all drugs?")


why isn't vanskelig in the neuter form?


It's actually in its neuter form! Adjectives with -IG ending do not accept any final T. en/ei vanskelig bok [= a difficult book] et vanskelig arbeid [= a difficult work] vanskelige bøker [= difficult books]


Det er helt for vanskelig å bestemme seg?


Why not 'deg'?


Is 'seg' used like 'one' would be used in English? As in, 'It is far too difficult for one to decide.'?


It's more or less like 'oneself' in English, not 'one' on its own.


Ah, yes, that's what 'one' means in English, in this context. I should have clarified. Thank you; this now makes so much more sense to me.

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