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"Kız kardeşim çocukken beni çok severdi."

Translation:When she was a child, my sister used to love me a lot.

October 31, 2015



How should I say: "My sister used to love me a lot when I was a child."


same as above; but usually we would assume the verb with -ken is for the same subject as the main verb unless indicated otherwise. So it would be better to say "Ben çocukken kız kardeşim beni çok severdi."


I had a second look at the sentence and got the confirmation of what I said about angel'sanswer and mine. Our answer was rejected because we used "LIKE" instead of "LOVE" I repeated my structure and replaced like with love ; It was accepted (-: (-;


Thankyou very much Esfandiar.


Does this also carry the implicature in Turkish that she doesn't love me anymore?


Is the "used to" really necessary for this translation? I had "My sister loved me a lot when I was a child". (apart from the switch in subject) Is this really saying something different?


I wrote , when my sister was a childe she used to like me very much . I thought çocukken goes for kiz karďesim not for "she"which was not in the sentence and only ment that some one is talking about a female . From where did "she" came will someone make it clear . Thanks in advance.


Angel answer shoud be accepted. This is actually a correct structure, " When she was a child, my sister used to like me a lot". The above is dodgy !!! First the pronoun "she" is used then tge "Sister " mentioned!! My answer : " When my sister was a child she used to like me a lot". Was also rejected.

Gramer aside it is not even a commonly used way of saying it. Cheers.


I guss the translate of this sentenses is not correct in my opinion this ok: "when my sister was child,she used to love me a lot


"My sister used to love me a lot when she was a child." is not accepted!

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