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  5. "En la hora punta."

"En la hora punta."

Translation:At the peak hour.

January 7, 2013



At no point did I get "rush hour" from the dictionary hints.

January 7, 2013


Just one of those phrases that you have to learn by getting it wrong, apparently...

February 21, 2013


Possible definitions provided by peeking: tip, end, and something other than peak.

May 2, 2013


In English we would tend to say during the rush hour, or in the rush hour, not at the rush hour, since it is a an event that takes time, not a destination.

February 1, 2013


Might be a regional difference, but "at rush hour" feels fine to me. Rather than a "destination" though, I'd say you're referring to rush hour as a particular point in time during the day, similar to how you'd say "at 6 o'clock".

March 15, 2013


i intuitively thought the same, although the sentence didn't say something like durante or mientras...

March 15, 2013


Google Translate says "At rush hour" which would be more correct in English.

March 22, 2013
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