"Ми слухаємо радіо."

Translation:We listen to the radio.

October 31, 2015

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"we listen to radio" is a perfectly natural sentence. in this context, radio means not the object, but the programs or music that are being broadcast.

EXAMPLE "Do you listen to CD's in the car?" "No, I listen to radio."


I say "we listen to radio" or it could be "we listen to the radio" . Not exclusively a radio. A.


I think both "a" and "the" should be accepted although "the" is more common, but "We listen to radio" is wrong.


no, it isn't. nobody actually says "a". "the" is natural for american english, but most people say "we listen to radio" or "we listen to the radio"


Sorry, my sentence looks as if I was saying, "I listen to the radio" and "I listen to a radio" have the same meaning. They don't. However, both are meaningful and grammatically correct, therefore both should be accepted. Even though the first one is more common in life than the second one :)


How to say ' we are listening to the radio'?


I've seen ця for use with feminine nouns. But I'm not familiar with цю. When is it usually used?


Цю is the accusative form of ця.

Ця машина моя (Nom)

Я маю цю машину. (Acc.)

Цій машині три роки. (Dat.)

and so on, just like Latin...


This pronoun varies depending on the genus. In this case- indicatory pronoun (вказівний займенник) http://pravila-uk-mova.com.ua/index/zajmennik/0-13

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