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  5. "Él puede."

"Él puede."

Translation:He can.

January 7, 2013



Why is it not correct to translate this as "He may."? I thought poder could mean "can" or "may".


Poder also translates to "to be able to." Thats why it's "can", as opposed to "may": because may also means "is allowed to." Its not necessarily if he is allowed (may), its if he is able (can).


You're right, but "may" is more common when the sentence has something more: You may walk/you may talk if you want/etc.


Why must it be "he is able to"? As opposed to "he is able."


'Able to' is more like a phrase that you say--it's something like how it's obligatory that you have to follow 'neither' with 'nor' later on in the sentence. But it's probably because 'He is able' has a different meaning; because 'able' means that [one] is capable and fit. I'm somewhat pf a native speaker, and I can say 'puede/o' isn't used that way XD 'Able to' is the closest english equivalent to 'puede' in spanish.


Sí se puede!!!


English has a distinction between "may" and "can." "You may walk.. " means "you have permission to..." "You can walk.." means "you are able to walk..." How does Spanish make that distinction?


It irritates me that on the app version of Duolingo it doesn't give you the accent option on the bottom, like when i am on the laptop. Yet, it scolds me for apparently not paying attention to accents. Grrr.


If you hold down the letter you want to accent, then other options for that letter will pop up and choose the one with the accent. You could also change the settings for your keyboard to español


Yeah, I had that problem. But now I'm using a Spainish computer. In spain.


You moved to Spain just to use DuoLingo on a 'spainish' conputer? Impressive!


I use SwiftKey on my android... Have installed the Spanish keyboard, works like a charm


he can can cans as fast as a canner can, but can you? Say this three times fast


So, she can= Ella puede?


What context would you use this in?


You know that you can put and emojis When you have to type the sententes

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