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"The vegetarian is eating the pasta and the rice."

Translation:Vegetarianeren spiser pastaen og risen.

November 1, 2015



"Vegetarianeren" thats a mouthful




Isnt vegetarianeren "the vegetarianS", as in plural?


How do you tell if it's going to end in an "en", or an "et"? Is it just one of those things you memorize?


Yeah, pretty much; you need to know which nouns are masculine or feminine. But confusing the issue is that common usage appears to have many feminine nouns now treated as masculine (ie: Jente can be either ei jente or en jente; but then you have to be consistent so THE girl would be either jenta or jenten.) I believe there are regional differences as well.


I have also been learning swedish as well and I am confusing the two languages when it comes to en and et words . Some en and ett words in Swedish are the complete opposite in Norwegian. :-)


When you speak more than two extra languages it is very eady to get the them mucked up


what's wrong with my answer????

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