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"The traveler is running to the plane."

Translation:Yolcu uçağa koşuyor.

November 1, 2015



would "yolcu uçakta kosuyor" mean anything?


yes, it means that the traveler is already on the plane and running there. ("The traveler is running ON the plane.")


Oh, ok thank you! In that case, would "yolcu parkta kosuyor" be the traveller is running IN the park but "yolcu parka kosuyor" would be the traveller is running TO the park??


Can you tell me why it isn't "ucaga yolcu kosuyor"?


The emphasized information normally comes right before the verb, at least in writing. Also, yolcu is the subject and Subject-Object-Verb is the most neutral verb order in terms of emphasis and it is usually preferred in writing. Duolingo mostly uses SOV for that reason. Unfortunately, they can't accept every order variation for technical reasons, so I'd suggest trying to use SOV for the next exercises.

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