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  5. "Skylden er min."

"Skylden er min."

Translation:The fault is mine.

November 1, 2015



"I am to blame" is not a literal translation but to me it seems at least prettier


Another possibility would be: "It is my fault".


I don't think you'll be hearing this phrase in Denmark...


No, more likely "det er min skyld".


So what does "und" mean in "undskyld"? For some reason, it makes sense that "undskyld" basically means sorry, knowing that "skyld" means "fault", but I'm curious about the specifics.


Looking it up on google translate, "und-" appears to translate to "ab-", which my dictionary app tells me means "away; from", so I think "pardon me" would be a more accurate translation of "undskyld".


Correct. Undskyld is an imperative form of the verb undskylde which rough translates as "to un-blame" or "to un-fault". When you are saying "undskyld" you asking "forgive me".


It is just like in the related German word "entschuldige" where "ent-" (Danish: "und") is a prefix to the word "schuld" (skyld) and means that the second part (skyld) is negated or taken away.


Hey Devs! "I am at fault" is commonly used in English and i suggest to add it to the possible translations. Best regards and keep up the great work!


Wouldn't "guilt" appear as a synonym of "fault" or "blame" here? I tried to put the sentence as "The guilt is mine" and it was marked wrong. Maybe there's a slight difference in meaning and usage of those three I don't know about?


And the fault is my own, the fault is my own


The audio is bad... Skylden er min.. The word min shall be pronounced in full and not in the DUO-abbreviated form

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