"She was there a long time ago."

Translation:Вона була там дуже давно.

November 1, 2015

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If the English doesn't say "a very long time ago," why are we supposed to select "дуже давно" as one of the correct choices?


Is "Вона була там давно" accepted? Firstly, it should, secondly, we tend to overemphasize things and even I would pick "Вона була там дуже давно" when speaking because it sounds better.

It happens in English as well, one might say "the very first time", when "very" is actually not needed since you cannot get any "firster" for you "first time" :)


The English translation doesn't say "very long time ago" so you should accept if once chooses only "Вона була там давно" as a correct answer!



Reported it

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