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"Jeg kommer til at have sendt dig et brev."

Translation:I will have sent you a letter.

November 2, 2015



I'm going to have sent you a letter also works, haha


This english translation really makes no sense


By the end of the year I will have sent you a letter. It works.


The Danish sentence doesn't either ..


ok ik begrijp de Engelse zin, ik denk dat ik de Deense woorden begrijp, maar kan er mij iemand vertellen hoe het komt dat de Engelse zin aan die Deense woorden komt.


I thought verbs of movement used være?


I'm really getting angry by the way Duolingo is doing this. Sometimes they let you get away with a typo and the next time the whole sentence is wrong. I. e. send - sent . I'm learning danish so don't fail me in english

Very disappointing


In my experience you will get a typo if your misspelling doesn't happen to be a valid word on it's own and you will get failed for words that happen to be valid words. send - sent fits that explanation.

And of course it is important to be correct in English as well. There might be Danish speakser learning or practicing their English here too.


I don't understand what this would ever be used for. The only time i can think of this structure being used is like, "By the time you read this letter i will have been long gone. "

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