"Den røde steinen er en veldig viktig gjenstand."

Translation:The red stone is a very important object.

November 2, 2015

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Snakker de om lingots? :)


The PGM-11 Redstone was the first large American ballistic missile. A short-range ballistic missile (SRBM), it was in active service with the United States Army in West Germany from June 1958 to June 1964 as part of NATO's Cold War defense of Western Europe. It was the first missile to carry a live nuclear warhead, in the 1958 Pacific Ocean weapons test, Hardtack Teak. Chief Engineer Wernher von Braun personally witnessed this historic launch and detonation.


Now I understand why the boy took it from the mirror.


Sounds like minecraft


Why is "that red stone" incorrect?


I don't know, but I wish someone would tell us! I constantly get this kind of question wrong.


Velkommen til Røde Stein! Det é fint her, eller hva?.... Det é fint her... Under broen...

I Gøteborg, i Sverige finnes det en plass som heter Røde Stein. Spør meg ikke hvorfor XD det é literally bare en stor stein som noen for mange mange år siden malte rød... Og nå betaler kommunen for å male den så den é fin og rød XD


Why the plural "røde"?


When an adjective is used attributively (= placed before the noun) with a definite noun, it takes what you know as the plural form - even in the singular.

et rødt hus (indefinite singular)
det røde huset (definite singular, attributive adjective)
huset er rødt (definite singular, predicative adjective)

"røde" would also be used for all plurals.


Audio sounds like "Denne røde steinen..."


Yes, I heard that too, even after a couple of times listening to the audio!


Harry Potter vibes

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