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"Tienes que mantener el equilibrio."

Translation:You have to keep your balance.

November 19, 2013



Confused about the use of "el" as "your." Some help, please?


If you are doing something to yourself, like brushing your teeth, personal adjectives are not used in Spanish. I brush 'los dientes' not ' mis dientes.' I think a similar thing is going on here, since a person does maintain another person's equilibrium. Maybe. ;)


But I think the sentence could also mean that you have to maintain the equilibrium of something, for example, in a lab experiment. Since this is "science" lesson, I just pictured that scenario in my head, but was marked incorrect.


Exactly what I was thinking. How else would you translate "You have to keep the balance"? I'm going to report it...


I completely agree and reported it.


"You have to maintain the equilibrium" was accepted Nov 24, 2014


You have to keep balance is still a valid english translation. Reported: 4/28/14


Agree. Reported 9/15/14.


"mantener el equilibrio" does not just refer to the ability to stay upright. It has the idea of staying balanced, as in your life. For example keeping a balance between work and relaxation. I'm not sure why "you have to stay balanced" was incorrect.


I think "you have to stay balanced" was incorrect because it is a verb followed by an adjective, instead of a verb followed by a direct object. If it had said something like "Tienes que mantenerte/quedarte equilibrado" I'd say your answer should have been correct.

But as it is you're trying to say "you have to stay" which is reflexive, but they are using mantener (not mantenerse), and you're saying that "el equilibrio" = "balanced" which doesn't work.

You probably would have gotten more leeway if this were an idiom, but it's just a plain old normal sentence.


"You have to maintain the equilibrium" was accepted 19-Aug-2014


As a previous poster said, "the equilibrium of <something>" would be an OK English usage. But w/o the prepositional phrase, using "the" seems odd and stilted. Reported.


Without the prepositional phrase it is not good english. This is a continuing problem in Duolingo. You do not need 'the' in English just because the Spanish has it!


Is "balance" really a body part ?

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