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Weird streak behavior

Hello, I think this is a bug but, maybe it's meant to be this way..

I practiced offline yesterday on my tablet and didn't practice again for the rest of the day. I forgot to connect to the internet to update my progress.

Today I visited the website first and saw that I had a 46-days streak and that my "Streak Freeze" was used for the previous day (as expected) but, when I connected the tablet to the internet and opened the app, my steak in the app was reset to 1, my streak on the website became 47 and my weekly progress indicated I earned 11 points today, which I didn't (those 11 points were earned yesterday in offline practice).

Can you fix this so that after you take your device online, the progress you made is synced with the correct time and date?

To go from: yesterday points: 0; today points: 11; streak freeze: used; streak count: 47;

to: yesterday points: 11; today points: 0; streak freeze: unused; streak count: 46;

If it's not a bug and the data is not supposed to be synced with the time and date can you please explain why? :)

November 19, 2013



I also had a streak issue related to the streak freeze. For the longest time after using a streak freeze my mobile app said my streak was from the time of the freeze but the website said it was from the original streak date. It is synchronized now but it was quite worrying for a while not knowing if my streak was secured.


I suggest moving this to the troubleshooting forum.

  1. Edit

  2. In editing window, click the drop down menu that says "Duolingo"

  3. Select "Troubleshooting" from that menu.

  4. Save post. (It is now automatically moved to the forum you chose.)

To find the Troubleshooting forum in the future, just go to the right side of the discussion forum page, scroll down and it's right under the word General next to the flags. Alt text


I moved it, thanks.


No prob! I hope they are able to help you out with it. Support tab gets so many emails a day that the fastest way to get assistance is through the troubleshooting forum. ^_^


I'm having a similar issue. If I practice on my phone, it uses my streak freeze even though I did practice. Not very fun and it's using up lingots

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