Stuck at 67%

Hi, I'm learning French and have done all the exercises since now two weeks approx. Since then (nearly) every day I train some part where my abilities diminish, but still there is no progress since then from the 67% I had reached before. How is this calculated and how can I work on progressing on the percentage level? Thanks!

November 2, 2015

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The best thing to do is to not take the percentage seriously.
It is at best a very vague guess of your level of fluency and won't ever reach 100%, because it does not show how much of what duolingo has to offer you have learned, but rather offers some kind of general fluency grading.
To achieve 100% you'd have to know a language completely, which not even educated native speakers usually achieve.

Wow, you got 67%. The highest I ever got was 52%. The percent fluency badge is mostly meaningless.

So frustrating haha

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