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New Timeframe options


Traditionally, I graded a week's worth of duolingo at a time and used Duolingo's timeframe of what it called a week as my grading period as well for the sake of convenience. My students got used to knowing that Duolingo refreshed Sunday evenings and that they should be aware if finishing their assignment late on Sunday whether or not Duolingo had "refreshed" so as to be aware of for which week their work would count.

However, now there are new options. You can still choose " previous week," but I noticed that when I did, lessons done by a particular student at 9:40 pm on Sunday night counted for the previous week whereas lessons done at the same time of night previously would have counted for the new upcoming week.

My questions are these:

  1. What is duolingo's definition of "previous week"?
  2. If I manually choose the previous week (Mon-Sun) using the calendar feature will that always give me the same results and data as selecting "previous week" and will it do so on any given week and for any student?
  3. As duolingo "refreshes" and summarizes the data in the reports that it emails me, is the "stop time" exactly the same for every student?

Please feel free to reply if one of my questions is not clear. These may seem a bit trivial, but I just want to decide how to assess students and what to click on so that I am being as objective as possible. It seems as though each time something changes on duolingo, that warrants a change in how I do things so as to maintain that objectivity. In the future, a heads up on these changes to educators would be appreciated.


November 2, 2015



Hi there,

We are experimenting with showing more date options to some teachers. I'm sorry the change was surprising to you. Thanks for you feedback! It's essential for us to hear from teachers.

As for your questions:

  1. The "past week" item currently shows data from the 8-day period ending today. I realize that this doesn't seem quite right, so we will change it to be the 7-day period ending yesterday. This means that if you check progress on Monday and choose "past week", the same data will be shown as you would have gotten using the old week-based date picker.

  2. If it is currently a Monday, manually selecting the previous week (Mon-Sun) will be the same as selecting "past week". On other days of the week it will not be the same. For example, if you choose "past week" on a Thursday, the previous Thursday - Wednesday will be selected.

  3. The "stop time" for the weekly report is 11:59 PM on Sunday in each student's local time zone.

Hope that helps. Please reply if you have any other concerns.


Thanks for your reply. All this sounds good. It seems as though previously, the cut off time seemed to be in the early evening (around dinnertime) on Sundays after which point xp from lessons done would count towards the new upcoming week. I would always communicate this to students and all seemed to be going well until I saw this. I just want to be sure that I can communicate something to students and have it be the case to avoid lengthy discussions with students or grade manipulations, etc.


I understand your desire to be clear and correct the first time. Sorry that the ending time has been hard to discern. The cutoff time is intended to be midnight local time, not early evening. Please let us know if you continue to find it to be otherwise--there could be some kind of time zone issue. You can check to see exactly what is included in the scores that are displayed by clicking on a student's row in the "Activity Details" tab for a particular classroom.

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