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"Hvor mange siffer har telefonnummeret?"

Translation:How many digits does the phone number have?

November 2, 2015



tall = the generic word for (cardinal) numbers
siffer = digit, not the kind you have on your hands
antall = number of something; quantity of countable noun
mengde = amount of something; quantity of uncountable noun, ++
nummer = used for a number in an order, and for identification numbers, phone numbers, etc.
ordenstall = ordinal number with ordinal ending

Context examples:

"Hva er yndlingstallet ditt?"
"Tallet hadde fem siffer."
"Et firesifret tall"
"Et stort antall studenter"
"Antallet må økes."
"Nedbørsmengden er stabil."
"Han er nummer fire."
"Husnummeret vårt er 86."
"Vi trenger ditt fødselsnummer."
"Hun kom på fjerdeplass."
"Fjerde er et ordenstall."


Excellent summary/explanation. :0)


This is a cognate of cifra in Spanish/Italian, and chiffre in French!


and actually, in Arabic... sifr is zero, shafra is 'code'


I thought the plural of 'siffer' was 'sifre'.


That's another option.


Ugh, I keep mixing up 'much' and 'many'. I'm almost always wrong :( When I finish this course I might actually think of Norwegian as easier than English in some way, they also use way less words in a sentence like this one.


It tells you that you are wrong if you use telephone number instead of phone number ...


"Telephone number" is accepted on our end. You may have had another error.


Is telefonnummeret a borrorowed word? As I'd have thought telefontall might have been a compound sentence for phone number, as tall is number.

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