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  5. "El proceso fue largo."

"El proceso fue largo."

Translation:The process was long.

November 19, 2013



A useful sentence for when you get through duolingo!


Why is "The process went long" incorrect? A process can continue for a time longer than expected.. but I didn't understand por qué it was incorrect!


Well, fue is also the preterite form for ir, but in this case I'm assuming that they meant that the process took a long time, rather than that it took longer than expected.


I think it is right, unless it would be reflexive I. E. The process itself went long.


The process was long.


I said "It was a long process" and it was wrong. I have no idea why.


You probably just changed the sentence structure more than they liked. "The process was long" is a direct, word-for-word translation.


As fireman_biff said, you changed the sentence too much. You kept essentially the same meaning, true, but you added in some grammatical elements (like "it") that didn't belong in the original sentence.


"Fue un proceso largo."


Does anyone else think it sounds like there is an extra word between fue and largo when played fast? How close is this to what native speakers sound like?


I reported the still-extant problem with the pronunciation of "fue". To me, it sounded something like "foure"


I think his pronunciation on largo was a little odd. I'm used to hearing the Latin American accent though, so that might be the difference.


As a musician, I keep reading "largo" as "slow", no matter how many times duo corrects me. It's infuriating!


We didn't learn the word 'fue' yet did we? Was I asleep?


at some point it was briefly mentioned. deserved more imo. as its so different to the infinitive and other tense forms.


Duolingo does not put a great deal of focus on verb conjugation. This appears to be intentional on the part of the course creators.


I don't know where you're encountering this sentence, but I got it in "abstract objects," and it was after I did the past (preterite) tense, which is what "fue" is.


On strengthening exercises, you come back to these modules after you've learned a lot more. Sometimes, Duo gets a bit ahead of itself, but it's good that it does incorporate things you learned later on.


A procession and a process are the same arent they?


No, they aren't. A "procession" is a sequence of things--often of people in some sort of ceremony, but not always. A "process" is the set of steps by which something is done. Obviously, they have related meanings, but they aren't the same.


I heard El proceso fue elargo it is confusing... I know it is largo but it does sound like elargo.


I answered "The process went long", as in that it took a long time. Is this wrong?


Yes, that's wrong. If the fue here were a past tense of ir, it would require the use of an adverb instead of an adjective. But such a construction would not be used in Spanish anyway.

Instead, you could use a form of alargarse - "to stretch/prolong itself".


If you don say it almost identical to the example, it's wrong. Duolingo should allow room for slighty different versions.


Why not "The process took long?"

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