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Thank you Russian team

Thank you Russian team for your work of almost one and a half years! I'm this short because I'm off doing the course :D And also congratulations for releasing it!

November 2, 2015



Waking up today and seeing that the course had hit beta was the best morning surprise I had since I irreparably screwed up my last relationship. But hey, who needs relationships when you have people like the Russian team? SCREW THE WORLD, I'M MARRIED TO THE OWL NOW. спасибо большое!!


Спасибо большое!


Thank you guys SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!


Yeah, I'm so happy.


I agree: Many thanks


I am beyond grateful! ♥︎ Спасибо!


I waited for Duolingo Russian for 298 days, so I'm very glad it's out.

I like how in some of the picture definition pages, you clarify the definition in parenthesis after the word. Some words can mean more than one thing, so clarifying it helps a lot.


Thank you so much! The course is excellent! :D


I checked the incubator website every day for the last three months, watching to see how close the Russian course was to being done. Thanks so much for all your work on this course. I have been anticipating its release for a long time, and am probably going to dedicate a couple hours a day to working on it for the next couple weeks.


doesn't look like you've been keeping that promise. you should start studying russian again. it's not too late.


I promise I'm coming back to it! I've just been trying to maintain my streak lately and it's much easier to knock out a couple lessons of Spanish than to knock out a couple of lessons of Russian because I'm more proficient at the English keyboard than the Cyrillic one. But I will come back to it!

(I'm not sure why I'm so defensive about this.)


No one likes being called out on things. That's why I tried to be careful with my words to not come across too offensive. Even if it's just brushing up tree rust, stay on top of the Russian. You're not going to absorb the grammar as soon as you read it. Russian grammar is a wasteland of headaches and you're not going to navigate it without putting in the hours. Don't worry about big goals like "I'm going to finish this in 2 months." Just be consistent to give your brain time to absorb each lesson. All the best and good luck.


mathcore, it looks like you've been slacking too haha. Time to get back on the train, both of you! It's never too late.


actually, it is too late for me. i'm studying czech now and had to abandon russian. i won't be able to come back for another year or two. at minimum. the two languages are way too similar to study simultaneously. womp-womp :(


Let's consider that too early instead of too late then! Yeah I'm sure learning similar languages would be a nightmare. Good luck though.


Thank you so much!


I've been looking forward to the release of this course. Thanks.


Спасибо огромное!


thanks, I have been waiting this for so long !


Which Russian keyboard does it want us to use during the lessons?


Any keyboard you like.


Thanks russian team!


Amazing course. Thank you guys!


I am so excited :) Спасибо большое!


Спасибо. While I don't know enough Russian to continue this, your hard work is very much appreciated.


With Duolingo, I have a "course" to follow in Russian again. So much better than scouring the internet for random lessons.


Finally the course I was waiting for since I discovered Duolingo is availble! Thank you for all your work Russian team!


Seeing that the Russian program was finally ready was like opening up an early Christmas present. Thank you so much for your hard work putting the program together!! ^_^


Thanks a lot! In duolingo the russian course is very fun!

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