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  5. "Hvad er du i gang med at se?"

"Hvad er du i gang med at se?"

Translation:What are you watching?

November 2, 2015



Couldn't you just say "Hvad ser du"?


    "Hvad ser du" is also an acceptable answer, but the sentence is teaching the phrase "at være i gang med"


    Does "at være i gang med" translate literally to "to be in time with"?


    No. 'Gang' = times as in multiplication, or repetition. (3 gange). Here i gang means moving/working.. bilen er I gang, so it's much closer to gå. Good question. Made me think.


    Thank you . But also, would it then be more correct to literally read it as 'to move (or work) with' whatever reference the phrase is used with?


    It's best just to think of as "what are you doing/looking at...?"


    I would say like : en train de ( in french )


    In that case, why would someone use one as opposed to the other?


    It's about progressives. While you'll probably be understood just fine in most cases, "Hvad ser du" is technically asking what you see right now, this very instant. "Hvad er du i gang med at se" is progressive, meaning it's asking you what you are in the process of watching, not just right this second but maybe for the past hour and a while.

    Danish doesn't have a special verb form to express this progressive nature, like english does with its -ing form, instead we use forms like "i gang med at".


    awesome! thank you for your explanation!! :D


    But I think if you do so you are losing the essence.of the danish language. You can do wbatever you want.


    i gang med vs i færd med?


    Can anybody explain this one? It's a good question


    They're pretty equal. I can't think of an example where there's a difference.
    But then..

    • Vi er I gang med vores lektier.
    • Vi er i gang med at læse en bog.
    • Vi er i færd med at læse en bog.
      but not
    • Vi er i færd med en bog/lektier/madlavning.

    So maybe only i gang med can be used with a noun, but both with an infinitive clause.


    Right when I feel like I'm understanding this language, it goes and throws a loop like this. ::headdesk::


    Me too. I'm having a hard time with this lesson!


    Extremely common. For example asking kids 'Hvad er I i gang med?'


    Are constructions such as this more specifically "in the process of watching," or are thy just as natural as "watching"?

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