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Russian Alphabet

What are the chances of adding a lesson to actually teach the individual letters and how they are pronounced. I really like this Latin alphabet option but I also want to get the full experience of learning how to read the official Language. Thoughts?

November 2, 2015



You can switch to cyrillic alphabet.


I agree. I think truly learning Russian needs the Russian alphabet. Thanks for a great suggestion.


There's a toggle on the top left.


But the toggle switches the visual letters, if i were to look at them I still don't understand how the individual letters are pronounced. Like if I was translating from English to Russian, I wouldn't understand which "characters" I would use to make the sounds of the word... understand? I don't know, maybe I need to just go really slow and keep plugging away at it. Thanks for all your help!


Please help, the Cyrillic characters are not appearing for me despite switching to that. Any idea what is wrong? Thx in advance!


When it says remember to use the russian keyboard, does that mean the cyrllic option or I have to download some sort of input for my keyboard? Thanks guys.


You have to install a (software) Russian keyboard on your computer, which the Operating System you use probably has available. This may help. Ask again if you give it a good try but are still confused.


You can try this add on http://www.benya.com/transliterator/

To learn the alphabet, I recommend the Learn Basic Russian course on Memrise.


The chances are zero at the moment, and have been zero since the development of the course started.

You can use this set of exercises, though, to get a hang of reading Cyrillics in about an hour.


Here is a fun Cyrillic Alphabet course (in Finnish):

Watch the videos (! актеры – русские)! :-)

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