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So excited to be able to start the Russian course here!

One issue for English speakers tho - it seems none of the sentences accept contractions such as "here's". I've reported them each time I've come across them, but it's still definitely a pretty big oversight, since in all forms of the language but formal written, "here is" and "it is" are much less commonly used than "here's" or "it's".

Just a small thing. Super enthusiastic about finally being able to study Russian here.

Now, back to курс!

Edit: here's an example:


November 2, 2015



I agree with you my friend.


I checked it, the course does accept contractions, just in those sentences, where you think you can use here, there is no here (most likely). I suspect that you tried to translate Tim, here's Tom. That would not be accepted, only that is, or this is.


These were in sentences like "Here's the X". Maybe it's just a technical thing that'll work itself out in time.


No, I have definitely come across several sentences where contractions should have been accepted but were marked wrong, similarly to dinnernugget's example. As and when I see them, I have sent reports.

ETA: an observation, it seems to be fine with I am/I'm, but has a problem with here is/here's and there is/there's


Report them! I'm sure they will be fixed. I've found that in some sentences, they are accepted, and in others they're not when they should be.

Similarly, there are some sentences where an acceptable word order in English is not marked correct. Send in reports, it's what the beta is for :)


I also noticed that. Like it would only accept "Dad is" not "Dad's"

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