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Question about accent marks

I notice that Duolingo has accent marks on their words. Is that to help us know what words should be accented? Looking through some Russian text that I have from elsewhere, I don't see any accent marks.

November 2, 2015



It is common to have accents in books for small children and textbooks for foreign learners. Because otherwise... imagine an English textbook without any transcription. Memorising hundreds and thousands of words with the pronunciation you think is right is a practice sure to backfire later.

Since Duolingo was not very enthusiastic about doing any programming for accent marks, we only have them in tips and in picture exercises.


No, we don't use any. It is for you to remember where to put accents because we almost don't have any general rules to that.


In Russian you may find the accent marks in the dictionaries as there are any proper rules about putting an accent and each word should be learned with it accent (and gender ;) ) But we don't use such marks in normal textes.

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Actually, there are accent marks in regular texts to avoid ambiguity. Search for an accented word "бо́льшая" in these links (it is a word from regular text that uses the accent mark the most):


There isn't accent marks in real Russian. It is there because putting the right accents in the right place is very important for speaking fluency.


Спасибо. That's what I thought, but I wanted to make sure. :-)


I believe that the accents are just to tell you which syllable should be stressed in the word, but they aren't necessarily used everywhere. There are a couple of language learning places that use diacritics, but I'm not sure how often they're used in real life.


as others have pointed out, the accents are just a help to learn which syllables are stressed. This is especially important in russian because the pronunciation of some of the vowels change depending on whether they are stressed or not (e.g. o is pronounced o when stressed but more like a when not stressed)

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