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Keyboard madness

I am baffled by the keyboard issue. I can write Cyrillic but have never learnt a typing layout. However, even if I knew this I'm not sure how I would type the English answers and then the Russian ones and back - my keyboard is not this flexible and I'm being marked wrong all over the place. How are we meant to get round this?

November 2, 2015



If you have a PC with Windows you can install the Russian keyboard and use the Windows key + space bar to quickly switch between languages.

As for the typing itself, putting stickers on your keyboard is one possibility. Another is to memorize the layout. I posted about a helpful website for typing practice here.


I think the default is Shift+Alt for most people.


Thanks. I'm finding the lessons really confusing as sometimes typing in Latin seems to be fine and on other occasions it gets rejected. I may have to dig out my old school books instead. Nice to hear it though.


If you give it a little time, you should get used to it.


" Shift + Alt" on Windows systems to switch languages and good to go!


It would be ideal if Duolingo introduces a small Russian keyboard inside the webpage in which we are learning, kind of like how the German language has umlaut characters under the text box (ä, ö, ü, ß). Except, in this case, you'd have a full ЙЦУКЕН (QWERTY) keyboard that can be toggled (meaning that it can be turned on and off like the transliteration option).

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