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Cyrillic typing practice

For those of you who want to practice your typing skills with a Cyrillic keyboard, I recommend this site: http://www.keybr.com/#!game

The typing exercises start out simple with a few letters from the keyboard. As you improve, the system will detect this and add new keys and words to type.

To switch to Russian go to settings -> keyboard layout -> where it says "English" click to get a drop-down menu where you can select "Russian" -> done.

Hope this is helpful!

November 2, 2015



Bedankt! or should I say... Спасибо :D


If you want a typing tutor to install on your PC, klavaro is good. You can set the keyboard layout to whatever you need, and it has "lessons" to guide you through gradually learning the Cyrillic keyboard.


Спасибо. I have been looking for a site like this


Damn, this thing looks really really cool, especially the Space Invaders type game, but I can't seem to get it to work with my keyboard (doesn't register the keys correctly?) I'm not sure what the problem is :s

Edit: Didn't have the Russian keyboard switched on properly, neat game :D


Now this is what I was looking for. THANKS.


No problem! I just remembered that I have this


This is great, KaiBark. Thanks!


No problem, slogger!


oh my god, this is the most fun thing in the world. home row memorized in about 5 minutes. Hahaha. Thank you and kindly accept a lingot, sir.


I've always been a fan of Klavogonki. Vse10 was also a good tool to improve my touch typing.


Agreed, for both. One of the nice things about klavogonki is you get to read little snippets from Russian books as you type, and sometimes you come across books you'd like to read. . . . However, for both, I think, you need to be able to read Russian to navigate around the sites.


I found Vse10 the easiest of these to use. Because I know very little Russian, I used google translate to register and read instructions for the exercises.


If you're on windows, you can also use the "On-Screen Keyboard" and switch to Рус


does not work!


Go to Language preferences > Add language > Russian.

Then just press Alt + Shift to change from English to Russian


done that. still not working. guess i have to do a restart to my computer. sometimes it just stops doing things... :S


option + command + spacebar autoswitch languages for macs


So I've been doing this for at least 20 minutes now and I'm still only on the first 6 letters... am I doing something wrong? My speed and accuracy seem okay.


You have to go into the options and go up to level two, which then uses the next row in the keyboard.


Oh okay, thanks. I was under the impression that it automatically added the letters as you went. I would have been waiting a while!


It does automatically add letters, it just does so slowly. I'm not sure if waiting for new letters to appear is a more efficient way of learning the keyboard layout, but that's how it is intended.


I did about twenty minutes too before coming here. It should advance you after you've reached some minimal proficiency.



clunky interface. finally got it working. opened an account with it to store data. immediately stopped working. no help available. Very time consuming to get it to function. Just don't have time.


Awesome resource!


Thanks! I just installed the Russian keyboard on my computer but then pulled up the Russian keyboard I've installed on my phone and was just 'translating' one on to the other as I typed. This game might be a quicker/better way to learn though!


Is it down? When I try that website, I only get this error: Cannot read records from database. Because: a mutation was attempted....


I can't seem to get the keyboard to work for me. It worked in English, but when I switched to Russian in the settings, it wouldn't work anymore. I press the letter corresponded to my keyboard, and it lights up, but it says I'm hitting the English equivalent to the space and will not recognize that it's the same space as the Cyrillic letter I'm pressing. I turned on the Chrome Expansion Cyrillic keyboard which I use fine elsewhere for typing, but that didn't work. I tried it in Internet Explorer and on a different computer but did not work either of those ways. Anyone have the same problem? I was super excited to try this out but can't get a response from anyone that works the page.


It does not offer Russian for me. Am I doing something wrong?


When you navigate to the site, select "Start Typing Practice". Click away the messages and then select "Settings" at the top right. Navigate to "Keyboard Layout" at the top, select "Russian" from Languages and Layout should also be set automatically. But what I did was download a Russian Mnemonic Keyboard Layout (Windows 10), so that most russian letters that are similar to latin letters are mapped to the equivalent key on our keyboard. It takes a bit of testing around to get it set up properly but I hope this helps you :)


i figured it all out thank you very much!!


This site works for me in English mode, but not in Russian mode. It doesn't let me proceed.


That is amazingly helpful, thanks! I want to be able to type quickly on either a phonetic or regular keyboard, and at work I can't install a phonetic one so this will be priceless.


Thank you! This should be helpful because i really need to practice.


That's amazing, kudos.




Thanks for helping.


I'm definitely going to use this to at least get a familiarity with the layout in Russian, but I wonder how far you need to take it because Duolingo itself will progress your typing abilities.


sigh take your lingot. Спасибо большое


Thanks a lot, was looking for a long time for a decent typing coach. Even going to use this for english to train those stubborn pinkies.


I don't know a single person that uses the right shift key :P


i do use it! :)


it really is helpful. many thanks.


It looks very interesting, but it doesn't seem to be working on mobile. :-(


thank you so much omg


Obrigado mesmo, Kai E! A maior dificuldade para mim foi teclar, com posições todas diferentes. Sempre subestimei quem faz curso para aprender a digitar. Agora entendo o que os mais velhos falam sobre nós termos "nascido sabendo", heheheh. Abraços!


Thanks a lot for this post!! If I can return your useful tip, to switch among the pc keyboard languages, just press Alt-Shift. ;)


Thanks, I've always wondered why Cyrillic keyboards were so different!


Ребятки, Vse10 замечательно работает! Очень рекоммендую! Благодаря этому сайту я теперь здесь и пишу)))


http://www.keybr.com/#!game Tried this program today , changed the settings to russian language , however nothing is happening. The cursor wouldn't move to the next letter. The first letter turns red, and that's pretty much of it. I'm not sure why this is the case. Tried every other languages, they are all working. Any suggestions?


You might have installed a different layout (i.e. a phonetic one) in your system. Go to your OS settings, find keyboards and make sure you have the standard Russian layout (йцукен).


Thank you very much Norrius for your help, it's working now. болшое спасибо.


OMG,thank u very much, this site is awesome!!!!


This is by far the best keyboard exercise site I've learnt with. I tried to learn Dvorak a while back but didn't get very far. Now I'll be using this for Russian though, so thanks, and please have a lingot ;)


I hate this site because when I type a letter wrong, it doesn't let me backspace. This messes with my head and makes me less motivated to continue, and it's unintuitive because the behavior is not at all like typing on other sites.

Do you have any recommendation of how to fix this, or another site that doesn't have this shortcoming?


That can be annoying if you're used to it and like it. However, I've used more than one typing program that doesn't allow for this and what usually winds up happening is I get used to it and grow to like it. I think there's something really beneficial, on many different levels, with a program that forces you to pummel through your mistakes ... and that can then be applied to life as well. Most of the choices we make in life, good or bad, cannot be "backspaced."

Be that as it may, you can backspace in the www.keybr.com program. All you need to do is go to the "Miscellaneous" tab under settings

and uncheck the "Stop cursor on error" box. It will then allow you to backspace, but it then does something I don't think you're going to like ... it marks the key you got wrong in red. I find it distracting and prefer to keep this box checked and just pummel through my errors. If you don't like this, keep "shopping around" for a typing program that appeals to you more.


I can't switch to russian... what is the problem?


Спасибо! (That took me half a minute to type since I'm on desktop instead of mobile, shows how much I need this typing practice website)


Did they restructure the website? I can't find the Cyrillic keyboard layout, nor an option to change the language.


Oh, this is awesome! Thank you! This is the perfect thread. I've been really struggling to learn the Cyrillic keyboard.


the website does not work for me for some reason. type but nothing happens


go to windows 10. type in "language settings". click what pops up. then, hit preferred language and download Russian. then hit Russian and click options. add keyboard (I recommend the mnemonic keyboard because the keys are organized based on the sound of English words, so л is in the same place as L in English) lastly, if you want to see the keyboard on your screen just search "On screen keyboard" and press the short cut "right shift and left alt to change to russian keyboard" or go to ENG next to time on taskbar and click it to change to russian.


Yes, OZXUxX. It seems to me that in the modern world, it's not necessary to learn to type on a different keyboard setup. I use a phonetic Russian keyboard setup. The learning curve is practically nil, and i immediately started typing Russian almost as fast as i do in English. If anybody is interested in this, you can go here: http://winrus.com/kbd_e.htm There are various options for phonetic (or mnemonic or student) layouts.


Спасибо Kai - this is why I opened the discussion tab and I immediately found your helpful post.

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