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Any way to get it to display Cyrillic on my phone?

On the computer there is a toggle in the upper left corner, but not on my phone. Is there anyway to get it to show the Cyrillic on my phone?

November 2, 2015



I'm having the exact same problem. A pop-up comes in and points to a Cyrillic button that does not in any way exist in my phone's browser. It's black space. I DO have the Cyrillic keyboard installed.


Switch to the full site on the mobile browser, click the icon to switch to Cyrillic and then switch back to mobile (by refreshing the page).

It worked for me :D


Thanks, I thought I tried that before, but I tried again and it's working now.


I'm hoping this issue goes away when the app gets an update and it works natively there.


I had changed it on my computer and it automatically has changed on my phone. Maybe it's a matter that on PC and phone I have a chrome browser.

Good luck!


Yes, It's working now.


Check the phone's app store. It probably has access to a cyrillic keyboard. That's what I did to get Spanish and Japanese on my last phone.


I can type in Cyrillic, I just can't get Duolingo to display the Russian in it, instead of the Roman alphabet.

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