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A quick Mac guide to Cyrillic keyboards

Hey all, as quick guide to adding Cyrillic to your Mac keyboard, do the following:

  1. Apple Menu > System Preferences
  2. Keyboard > Input Sources. Click the little "+" icon.
  3. Scroll down to Russian. Here we have a choice of "Russian", "Russian - PC" and "Russian - Phonetic", and the diagrams will show where each letter will be on the keyboard.

This is going to be completely your own choice, but personally I've chosen the phonetic keyboard. Sounds are relatively close to the english equivalents, and this means you only need to memorise a couple of extras, compared to having to sticker over the top of your keyboard, or constantly have the on-screen keyboard to check. I use phonetic for Bulgarian and found it works really well, and it's already working well in Russian (despite a couple of differences).

  1. Make sure "Show Input in menu bar" is ticked.
  2. Click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, then Input Sources. Here you can set a custom keyboard shortcut, to save getting rid of Spotlight from Cmd+Space (which is one of the best features of OS X). I use Cmd+Shift+=, and it's really easy to switch between with this combination as I don't need to move my hand to get to it.

That's a very basic guide that should get you up and running, and I'd definitely recommend using Cyrillic throughout the course.

Happy learning!

November 2, 2015
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