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Am I the only one?...

Am I the only one that has done the Ukrainian course and so the first few Russian lessons are really easy but when I tried the placement test I failed a bunch?

November 2, 2015



I didn't do Ukrainian, but I took a year of Russian in high school, am level 5 in German for Russian speakers, and have been doing Russianpod101 for a couple of weeks... I didn't do well on the test either. It's easier to test out of some of the skills individually though.


I failed miserably while trying to take the Ukrainian test, thinking it'd be like Russian haha turns out the languages are quite different.


My Ukrainian friend told me that he finds Polish closer to Ukrainian than Russian. As a Russian I can easily read Ukrainian but when I hear it being spoken I usually become very confused.


The placement test wasn't working when I started Ukrainian, but I suspect I would've had the same problem in reverse. I tested out of several individual skills once I'd taken a tour of the vocab, but although they're similar, they aren't the same. Just like Russian was with Ukrainian, it's a help, but it's not a crib sheet ;)

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