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Russian not supported on mobile?

I've been looking forward to Russian's launch, went to my Duolingo app on iphone and its not there amongst the list of courses available for English speakers - does an app update have to occur first? I can see Russian from within the my Duolingo web profile.

November 2, 2015



It'll be released in mobile apps when the course is somewhat stable


Hey... I'm on the website on my mobile but can't seem to use the Cyrillic letters. Do I need to use computer?


Same problem here. I'd say stick to computer for a while while duo does some troubleshooting.


The team posted some keyboard tips for various OS's: https://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/ru/en/status


you have to go to settings on your phone and go to keyboard settings and add the russian keyboard on to your phone and then there will be some way that you can change your keyboard to russian while you are typing. most of the time you hold down the space bar.


Thanks Javidan - really appreciate the info and look forward to it reaching that point.

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