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  5. "Where is the mother?"

"Where is the mother?"

Translation:Где мама?

November 2, 2015



Would translate to "Where is mom?" If I got thru these intorduction courses correctly.


Yeah, works too. Unfortunately, in VERY simple sentences we might have interference with the course of Russian (if it isn't just a very old sentence).


I knew that мат means mother and отец means father! I see that in the course it is mama and papa,are both of the versions correct?



The formal words are мать and отец (what would be written in an official document or very likely said when you are talking about parents of the people you are not a friend of).

The informal ones are мама and папа.

Мат is "strong language" (the kind a stereotypical drunken sailor uses).


Haha thank you for your reply! That's good to know!At school they only teach us the forms ' мать' and 'отец' and that's why i was curious.

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