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Отличная русская клавиатура! An excellent Russian keyboard!

When typing Russian I use http://translit.net/

It's very good :)

EDIT: If you want to type some Russian but you're on someone else's computer, for example, then using the above link is great.

November 2, 2015



Why? Why not install the keyboard provided by your operating system and use that?


Or better yet.. use the phonetic version provided by the OS. That way you can type normally in Russian without having to learn a new map. Very easy.


Some people can't type without looking at the keyboard. Imagine when they have to memorize the map of a different keyboard.


No one is born knowing how to touch type in any language. The thing to do is to install the necessary keyboard and learn to touch type on it. It does not take long. I can give you tips if you want them.


I learn by memorizing the keyboard map. No problem.


Well then, go for it. Don't worry about "some people."

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