"My sister is cooking soup and rice."

Translation:Сестра готовит суп и рис.

November 2, 2015

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Моя сестра готовит суп и рис?

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Of course. Have you reported it?


The suggested translation leaves out "Моя" (though it does accept it as correct). Since it should be "My sister", I don't understand how leaving it out could be right. Could someone explain this to me?


I'm pretty sure it's wrong


It can be implicit that you're referring to your own sister.


This seems to be a cultural thing. In English it's not common to leave out "my".


Little confused. Why is "Моя сестра готовит супа и риса," wrong? I know "Ты хочешь молока?" means "Do you want milk?" -> (Do you have a need of what = Чего? Genitive case requires o->a). The genitive case also requires if a word ends with a consonant, -a must be added. "My sister is cooking what and what?"


Why is приготовит incorrect?


This. Why is it wrong?


Приготовить is a perfective verb so it implies a future action. Here it is present tense, which would be готовить. This can be confusing because, in English, in as sentence like "I need to cook soup", the infinitive is used, which looks like the present, but it is essentially a future action so the perfective verb is used in Russian.


My sister is cooking soup and rice. The answer should be also good if we put Моя сестра. I don't understand why it is wrong


Моя сестра готовит суп и рис..


Why is their no MOYA??????


The reason the "my" is omitted is because you wouldn't call anyone else but your own sister "sister". If i were speaking of your sister, the sentence would be "твоя сестра". The pronoun, though used as a matter of course to English speakers, wouldn't have to be used in a language that uses pronouns relatively sparingly, like Russian. I could say in English "Sister is cooking soup and rice" and you probably wouldn't question that I was speaking of my own sister, even without the "my" preceeding it. It's not an ideal translation, like many duolingo translations, but it does make sense.

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