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Dictionaries for Russian

These are the best dictionaries for learning russian:



November 2, 2015



multitran.ru is also very good, imo.


indeed, an outdated design but a really great dictionary

English page: http://www.multitran.ru/c/m.exe?a=1SHL=1


Anyone know a dictionary where I can check the gender of nouns?


While it's not perfect, my favorite on-line dictionary is the Reverso Dictionary, which can be found at: http://dictionary.reverso.net/russian-english/ It's free, and if you register there are additional features. One of my favorite features is the fact that for most words, they provide dozens of examples of actual use. I like it.


Lingovo online doesn't seem to provide that many words, but I have the app and a lot of the paid dictionaries. Was a bit expensive, but seems to be a good dictionary for the iPhone and has audio for a lot of words, also inflected forms, which is quite useful.


lingvo provides plenty of words, believe me, I've used it since those time I could barely speak English :)))

http://lingvolive.com/ - use this link, this is the newest version


Are you using the free version or the paid version of their web site? Because I have found that some words I check on their free site do not exist in their dictionaries and are only in hidden paid dictionaries. I haven't had this issue on the paid app I have.


more people need to know about wiktionary


Are there any English-Russian dictionaries that have the word stress? Out of the things listed here it seems like only gramota.ru marks the stress.


I often use http://diccionario.ru/ (Испанско-русский словарь), specially because it has a virtual keyboard to type with Cyrillic characters


Here's what I reckon...

Regarding apps, reckon context.reverso is one of the most user-friendly. The interface is preferable to multitran etc.

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