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Discussions Won't Open?

I just started the Russian course and am loving it so far. However, I tried to open the discussion boards on several questions and they wouldn't open. Is anybody else experiencing this?

November 2, 2015



Think it's a technical hitch, someone else posted about it already and I haven't been able to open any yet, either :-/


Oh. Thank you.


That happened to me today as well, but in the German course. And it wasn't for the first time either. It is some sort of general issue I guess. It starts working again, later on...


For this issue, using Google Chrome I managed to fix it by specifically authorizing Duolingo's pop-ups. In Chrome, access "More" (the 3 vertical dots near the top right), click "Settings". Scroll all the way to the bottom in the settings window and click "Show Advanced Settings". Under "Privacy" click "Content Settings", under "Pop-Ups" select your preference "Allow all sites..."(not recommended) or "Do not allow any site...". After a selection is made, click on "Manage exceptions". A new window appears, write or paste Duolingo's web address (https://www.duolingo.com) and select "Allow" next to it. This should enable you to open the Discussion board for any lesson.

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