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  5. "Anna, this is Tim."

"Anna, this is Tim."

Translation:Анна, это Тим.

November 2, 2015



Next year i need to pass final exam of russian(it is my native) and this programm said that i don't have any skill in russian.… I think i have a problems :D


I am North America long ago some of my dads side came from Russia thought I would learn a little


You need to install the russian keyboard, is not "Anna" is "Анна, their alphabet is different. The same goes for тим. But thats my opinion. Also, its not eto, its зто, again, use their alphabet. Makes more sense, doesnt it? ;p I dont know what typo means, too hehe


Again, the word это has an Э, not a З.

Э looks like a backward Є, which looks like a C with a bar. It sounds not unlike "e" in "red".

З looks like a 3 and sounds like "z" in "zoo".


Is there a site with actual names of the characters of the Cyrillic? When I type "botch" I can think "bee-oh-tee-see-aitch." When I type "Э" or "И" or "Д" or any other Cyrillic letter, I'd like to have something I can call it in my head while I'm learning this alphabet. "that thing which looks like a backward C with a bar" or "that letter that looks like an X with an I through the center" just isn't the same.


Try "Russian alphabet in 33 moves" by Olga Nather - it relates all of the letters to a picture... e.g. Э looks like half an egg, so is pronounced "e", X looks like Helicopter blades so is "h" etc etc - i found it really helpful!


Wikipedia is good enough. You'll have to be able to pronounce the sounds.

Ж and Ш can be approximated by a hush in "measure" and "sure" respectively, only the tongue is not as high and you bend in slightly backwards like in an R (at least, if you speak American English). Щ is longer anyway.

Ы is not easily approximated by anything. I do not know if you are a visual person but, well, English does not have anything at the top between "oo" in "soon" and "ee" in "seen". :)


Thank you. Would German u-umlaut be anywhere near?


Why? :) The ü is essentially an "e" in "see" with your lips rounded.


it accepts eto and Tnm but not Ahha for me


I am having the same problem since my keyboard is in english.


Think i need to learn alphabet before i go learning words... wow


Da, it would be good if they had done this. In other Duo programs where there are letters we don't have in English, they have the different letters below, where you can click on them to use them. As is, this program is of limited use for me.


Please give the browser add-in DuoKeyBoard a go, it works exceptionally for me.




Who else is struggling incredibly:')


Why do they try to teach words before the alphabet?


they dont, are you on mobile? because on pc, they teach you the alphabet as soon as you get to the screen where you can choose the course for the alphabet.


My native language is Russian and I'm just seeing duolingo but this needs a keyboard. "Anna" is a name so it could be written anna. I think the translating for english to russian is all wrong and I skip problems like that because they are a problem to deal with and are bad. add a keyboard or im unsatisfied with this nonsense of trying to translate without a keyboard and both anna and ahha are wrong. stupid...


Maybe a stupid question, but should i read the "о" in "это" like "shelf" (e) or "of" (o). I swear i replayed it 10 times but when i hear it in sentence it sounds different.


It is pronounced close to how you pronounce "o" in "complete" in English. Unstressed O's tend to reduce: you can here the "O" in радио (that's an exception) but generally the unstressed О and А are indistinguishable in Russian.


I spelled Анна and it was listed as a typo, but they underlined the answer which is Анна.


Anyone else write Tom out of habit instead of Tim?


I dont have a rusian key board


It wont eccept my answer even though I copid all of the sentence


When I type AHHa, it tells me I am wrong and it should be Anna. When I type Ann, it tells me it should be AHHa. I cannot get through this section. Also, it is accepting eto right now, but I know that is incorrect. How can I type the "backwards 3"?


Where is the Russian alphabet selection? Like you guys have options for French and German and Spanish when their's "accent" marks above letters and the double S symbol for German. Why not for the language of Russia?


I guess its just because Russians use Cyrillic instead of Latin letters.


How do you get russian keyboard


If you're on the computer you can just google it and find an online version


How to install Russian keyboard


where would I find the Russian keyboard?


How can I write on russian on the keyboard?


No good until I get Russian KB set up May be back later


A russian clavier must have been added underneath, because it has to be easy to practise. If it is possible with the site, Duo, you know what to do... ;) Thanks.


There should be an option to use commas.


This shit gay i aint getting no russain keyboard >:/


the website, needs to provide russian keyboard


How i can get Russian keyboard dears


Download it on your pc operative system or on your phone in settings i guess


Нет, анна это не тим

[deactivated user]

    In sushi, the и is pronounced as an e as in over, but is usually pronounced as i as in tim, why is this?

    [deactivated user]

      In суши, the и is pronounced like an e as the first e in electric. I have searched the internet and can only find pages that say its pronounced like i as in tim. Why is this an exeption?


      For historical reasons, ш and ж are spelt with И instead of Ы. The pronunciation is ы, though—that is just a spelling convention.

      Ш and Ж are always non-palatalised, so in modern Russian they are never followed by [i] as in "see". Well, except if you use a long "soft Ж" in words like уезжать or дрожжи—which is rare but not completely obsolete (e.g., I speak like this).


      I do not have a Russian keyboard and can not enter the Russian word.


      excuse me what? I put Ahha eto Tnm and got it WRONG?!


      How do I get russian letters

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