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Привет Всем! Russian has been released today!

Thank you Russian Team for getting this done! WHOOOOHOOOOO! There are a few weird things that I have seen so far, but otherwise it seems pretty good! Nice job guys! I think I speak for all people awaiting this to come out when I say THANK YOU! YOU GUYS ROCK! СПАСИБО БОЛЬШОЕ!!!! АХХХХХХ!!!!!!

November 2, 2015



Is there a Russian Keyboard? It doesn't show


You have to set it up in your own computer's settings.


Upper left hand side it switches from Roman Alphabet to English alphabet. It says Aa and Rr. I haven't used it though so not sure exactly how it works or if it affects your typing or just what's on the screen.


It will give you the spelling in the Cyrillic alphabet, but it does not allow you to type in cyrillic


haha, I installed a russian phonetic keyboard

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