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  5. "No, I am not a medic."

"No, I am not a medic."

Translation:Нет, я не медик.

November 2, 2015



Why is it нет not не?


Like in English, "not" and "no" are different. It is even more amazing that in a lot of contexts they behave in a similar fashion between the two languages.

Note, though, that if you "shorten" the negative half of such sentence ("because everyone understands what I mean"), English prefers "not":

  • Майкл медик, а я нет. = Michael is a medic and I am not.

(in these sentences "and I am not" is a shorter way to say "and I am not medic")


Is english Y same as russian Y? cuz I got some phonetic layout keyboard where english U is russian Y and it wont accept my answers as right ones.


Russian does not have Yy, it has Уу (which sounds like something between the oo's English has in "book" and "tool")


Is медик the same thing as doctor? Or does it strictly only mean medic? I put doctor and duolingo marked it as wrong but google translate says it's doctor...


Pretty much the same as in English. They partially overlap but only partially. I am inclined to give up, though, even though "doctor" is an obviously wrong translation.


I thought that doctor is врач...

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