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  5. "Here is a bicycle."

"Here is a bicycle."

Translation:Вот велосипед.

November 2, 2015



I have trouble verbally pronouncing bicycle in russian could someone break it down for me in terms of pronunciation?


It's more or less velocipede. It's an older word in English, which means bicycle (or tricycle, or any other foot-powered vehicle, but primarily bicycle).


It would be more as "pyet" because in Russian they have voiced and un-voiced consonants which are paired. A rule is that if a voiced consonant is at the end of a word then it becomes un-voiced, "д" is at the end of this word so it sounds like its un-voiced counter part "T"


Going off this, voiced/unvoiced basically these consonants become their counters as follows on the website. Very helpful in pronunciation.



I also have a hard time pronouncing it and also remembering it (lol) but the pronunciation is vil-ah-seep-i-et (i pronounced as eeh) hope this helps!


здесь велосипед?


Yeah it failed me for that.


What is the diffrence between вот and это


Вот - here is Это - this is..

Correct me if I'm wrong


Вот- Here is

Example: Вот мама- Mom is here

Это: This is

Example: Это не дом- This is not a house


If you want to define something, you use это. If it is the apearance (a real object or imagination), you use вот.


Cant type in Russian


What is the difference between "вот велосипеды" and "здесь велосипеды"? I thought it was the same thing.


Вот means that you point at something or give something, thus drawing the listener's attention.

"Здесь" means "here" (= this place).


so, why "белоципед здесь." is wrong?!


Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's the emphasis. So 'вот велосипед' is kind of 'here is the bicycle (that you were looking for)'. 'Велосипед здесь', on the other hand, is more of a '(Oh,) there is a bicycle here'.

Obviously those sentences wouldn't be the only way of translating it, but it's that sort of distinction. Does that make sense?


Here a link for a clear pronunciation, by native speakers. https://sv.forvo.com/search/Велосипед/


Dudes. Its not the app. It is a lack of will to press on. Learn your letters learn to read...then learn vocabulary!!


I would like to learn the individual letters and associated sounds. However, although these introductory lessons are helpful, they do not specifically teach each sound / letter in isolation. I am not learning Russian by any means except Duolingo, so haven't been exposed to the Russian alphabet elsewhere.

Can anyone please provide a link to a good, free online resource to learn the alphabet? (i.e. one you have used yourself and found effective - I can do a google search for myself, but would appreciate a personal recommendation from your experience). Many thanks in advance!


Many thanks, I'll check them out. A lingot for your trouble :-)


This app might help you: Memrise. There is a lesson of the cyrillic alphabet there.


The Memrise app is a good option.


Ive been using another app called memrise, it teaches you the alphabet first


I just looked them up wrote them down and studied them every once and awhile. I just started using this app again and im doing just fine so far. Learn them yourself. Sometimes thats the most benificial way


Honestly, learning the sounds in isolation isn't even really a good idea. They change so much depending on what the word/sentence is, there are irregularities etc.

Your post could be old now so I guess this is just for everyone in general... I think there's now an alphabet table right here in the tips & notes. That'll get you started -- then I strongly recommend you get right into studying/analyzing simple words and sentences, they are so, so much more useful than lone letters.


I get your point about how much letters change, but I will have to disagree about it not being a good idea in general. If you learn the letters first in isolation, keeping in mind that they can change given context, then it makes learning the language easier (at least this has been my experience). Mostly it allowed me to sound out words.


I dont now how to spell bicycle in russian someone help


Velo si ped . Велосипед


I have no way of inputting cryllic letters so it wont let me go on


What about 'велосипед вот здесь'?


I dont have a russian keyboard so i cant type bicycle in russian


Shouldnt здесь instead of. Вот work as well?


Why doesn't "тут есть велосипед" work?


How do I type Russian Letters on my UK Keyboard?


If you google "russian keyboard online" you can find online keyboards. I always have an online keyboard on one tab, type there what needs to be typed and copy-paste it on duolingo.


In english keyboard it is ' Bot velosiped '


Why not "Velosiped zdes"?


BoT means What....so right transltion is What bicycle?


How to write this words with English??


Why no dash and accent mark ?


Interesting to learn that my father was also calling it as velociped i didn't know that it's Russian.


I understand and can read the sentences fine the only issue I'm having is my phones keyboard doesn't work with the Russian alphabet hopefully i can download one on google play


I have trouble spelling bicycle in Russian using English letters how do you do it


I noticed д can=d


How to write bicycle in Russian


It corrected my answer to Вот и велосипед. Doesnt и mean "and"? What does it mean in this context?


Gaaaahhh... I still can't figure out when Duo wants it to be вот and when тут/здесь !

Interestingly, this problem was never there before, when I studied from a (Soviet-era) book. You couldn't mix them up, actually I think they never even appeared in contexts where both of them could/would be translated as just "here". If memory serves me right, 'вот' was actually never used to refer to something that was actually there, it was more in stuff like "oh, there it is". "Here is a bicycle" would definitely have been 'тут велосипед.' (in direct contrast to something like 'там такси.')

On Duo I find myself just guessing what's it going to be this time. Oh man.


What is the difference between П and Л? I'm always confused with these two letters. Thanks for respoding


Л is for the "L" sound.

Its basic shape is Λ, though its flat-top variant Л was introduced in the 19th century and is now more common. When written by hand it still has a pointy top: a flat stroke with a slanted and curved left leg is a feature of printed typefaces.


Hi Shady,Thank you!


I have troubles to distinguish when a word is written with "в" or "б". For example бедосипед. I may confuse and write it with "в". If there's any phonetic difference, I cannot find it


It is велосипед. The word was borrowed from French; English "velocity" comes from the same Latin root.

The sounds might be a bit different to tell apart if your native language does not distinguish between the consonants in best / vest.

The Cyrillic alphabet was based off the Greek alphabet; since Slavic languages DID distinguish /b/ and /v/, two versions of β were made. Б (/b/) stands for an abrupt plosive sound. The lips are shut, some pressure is built and then suddenly released. В (/v/) spells a soft fricative sound. You blow the air out while your lip and your teeth are touching.

Our "v" sound, I believe, is a bit less sharp than in English: you just touch your upper teeth with your lower lip and produce a fricative sound.


The pronounciation in the beginnig of "велосипед" is horrorible




What is the difference between здесть and там ?


How can i get the russian keyboard for the typing answers?


The Pronunciation is more or less something like this: Velociapiada


It would be helpful to learn what noises the alphabet makes before having to type it out


What's the difference between вот and там?


Why does the app not acceppt it as correct? No,the bicycle is not there. Нөт, вөлосипөд нө там.


How can I get a russian keyboard? I tried but I wasn't able to through the control panel


Como puedo escribir en ruso si no tengo ese tipo de teclado


How can I type in Russian, when I have no Russian alphabet?


I haven't got teh Russian alphabet, so how is it possible to type in Russian. In French, the French letters are below, in Russian, there is nothing


For spanish learners, that can be easily linked with: "Velocidad a pie"

Велоси : veloci(dad)

пед : pie

This z how i remember this word


You can use google translate to learn pronunciation correctly and to avoid switching your keyboard back and fourth between languages.


I had no idea how to answer this, I could sound out the word but had no idea how to type this or phonetically type this out, some guide to writing either in Russian or phonetically is needed


Can you please teach me how to change my keyboard to russian, it wont work if i try since i dont know how.


On Windows 10, it is Settings (Control Panel) → Time and Language → Language.

You can add languages and keyboard layouts there. When you have multiple input languages, you can switch between them using a keyboard shortcut (often Shift+Alt) or in the language bar which appears in your tray.


Can anyone help with switching keyboard to Russian???? I can't figure it out, all my settings seem fine but I just don't know how to switch it when I need to


That depends on what your system is. On Windows, you have a language bar in your tray if your system has multiple input languages installed. You can also use a keyboard shortcut to switch between the languages (usually Shift+Alt or Ctrl+Shift)


I have trouble writing the characters in russian. I don't have a russian keyboard.


I can't type it in English letters and i don't know how to change my language on my keyboard


I don't have russian key board


I do not have a Russian compatible keyboard so I am unable to translate and type in the Russian. A skip feature on this exercise would be handy, like you do for the verbal/speaking exercises.


I do not have a Russian keyboard so I am unable to tyoe in tge translation. A skip feature would be handy on this like you do for the verbal exercises.


I don t have russian keyboard


I dont have that keyboard:(


not accepting english characters?


Well, you can write vot velosiped but I recommend not using transliteration past the very first stages of studying Russian.


Is there indefintite and definite articles?


4 years since people have been complaining about not being able to input Cyrillic characters and still no fix? Other courses have their special characters available to click to input...why not this one? And the worst part is that you can't skip over it for good, it just keeps trying to force you do perform a task that is not possible. Something should be done!


Why "сюда велосипед" is not a correct alternative?


There are no Rusian leters on the screen to write in Rusian language


Ьот ьеплытудатыжыт????


Y'all are starting way too hard


Does anyone have any idea how to get a Russian keyboard for this?


That depends on your system. Layouts can usually be added be in your System or General settings, where "Keyboards" or "Input settings" are.

For example, it is Settings→Time&Language→Language on Windows 10. If you have GBoard on Android, you can pretty much add/remove input languages at any time; the virtual keyboard has settings available in the menu at the top row (press "...").


Is there an apple version? with command perhaps?


When to use е and и? Is е 'eh' and 'uh' while и is 'ee' ?


When stressed, е and и sound like [e] ("bed") and [i] ("meet") respectively. Whenever they are not stressed, they are both pronounced similarly to "i" in "bit".

е at the beginning of a word will sound like "ye" in "yes" (or "yi" if unstressed).

Be careful with ш, ж, ц. These consonants are always non-palatalised, so, while we still use е and и after them, the vowels are pronounced the same as э and ы.


This was my answer: Вот вепоспед. I accidentally made a spelling error cause I find it hard to spell. Could someone tell me how to remember the spelling of велосипед?


It is from French. The term was originally created from the roots as English "velocity" (velox "quick") and "pedestrian" (sg. pes / pl. _pedis "foot"). Fortunately for you, English borrowed quite a number of French and Latin words. :)


I cannot type bicycle in Russian on an English keyboard


how do you bring up the Russian keyboard?


I cant make the rushan keyboard work


I can not type has anyone goind away around


I havent got russian keyboard!! How I get it?


What is the diffrence between вот, это and там ?


I cannot continue because I don't have a Russian keyboard.


I can't understand whole word


How are you supposed to "write in Russian" I have to download and learn a keyborad? For the Japanese it is easy to write "in japanese" using english words. Not so much for Russian. Any tips or am I just going to drop this course?


Additional layouts are available in your language settings. Major languages are usually pre-installed as features—granted, you may not have the whole language pack, but the keyboards will be there.

The rest depends on whether you are on an Android/iOS phone, Windows, or Mac. For example, Windows 10 has it in Settings → Time&Language → Language and on iOS, you should go to Settings → General → Keyboard.

Some people learn to touch type with the standard Russian layout (йцукен), some choose a phonetic layout where letters roughly match the Latin keys of the English-US layout (e.g., n=н, s=с, e=е, r=р, t=т, y=ы)


Je n'ai pas de caractères cyrilliquesà disposition pour traduire en russe. Comment avoir la clé?


Thanks for the unnecessary mistake. Why is здесь not possible?


Why not сдесь?


How would you know if it's "a bicycle" or "the bicycle" since there's no pronouns in Russian?


I got a typo for the word Bot??


i cannot spell russian as there is no key board for nthis provided


Cannot do the writing parts, as I do not have Russian letters on my PC.


I cant type russian alphabet


What's the difference between Вот и Здесь?


Здесь or тут mean literally here as in "at this place"; we also have word там "there, at that place".

With вот, you can imagine pointing at an object or presenting it to the listener. Here are a few examples:

  • Here is her house. = Вот её дом.
  • Here is my new backpack. = Вот мой новый рюкзак.
  • Here are a few examples. = Вот несколько примеров.

We also use вот and вон in combinations вот тут "over here" and вон там "over there" (also вот там).

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