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  5. "This is mom."

"This is mom."

Translation:Это мама.

November 2, 2015



If you want to type the letter with the accent, hold Alt Gr (right alt on keyboard) and type the vowel. á é í ó ú!


Hey, thanks Stephan!


dosent work on my computer


me either. we r in the EXACT same situation. like button x 2 just for u! => (like my face?)


It unfortunately is not an option on computers or desktops.


it would be an awesome feature to add a Cyrillic keyboard under the text box.


Yes, as I cannot touch type the letters with the virtual keyboard. But since there are so many different letters in Russian, it'd still be hunt-and-peck. I have given up on Russian for this reason and the opportunity cost of not spending time with German and Spanish.


I don't know what sort of device you are on, but on a desktop you can use an extension called DuoKeyboard (unfortunately only on Chrome though) that shows the Cyrillic keymap for reference on the exercise screen and automatically switches your layout, so you can type Cyrillic handily. You can also use something like the branah.com virtual keyboard which additionally allows you to click on the letters you want, they will appear in a text box and you can copy-paste them from there to the exercise screen.

I don't use mobiles, but I'm under the impression that similarly to desktops, you can install multiple keymaps and switch between them with one tap. I've seen at least a Windows Phone do that.


sir you can easily put another language for your typing

if you are using android you could just go to the settings and then languages and input. there should be an option to add another language from there on.


On a mobile phone, you can use the Multiling Keyboard App which enables many languages, including Russian.
On a PC, you can enable a Russian keyboard as well - just the order of the letters is completely different from what you are used to (except for c, which is on the c). But if you're serious with learning Russian, you can look for a programme that will help you learn to type Russian. I used Stamina, which comes with funny error noises. I am very amazed how my brain can sort out the different keyboards. Only when typing other Slavic languages with Latin letters, my brain sometimes wants to switch to the Russian keyboard layout, and then it gets really interesting. :D


Download Microsoft swift keyboard on your device then add Russian language in settings. Easiest way to get the Cyrillic keyboard on your device


This is an error, Это мама is the correct translation


Why wouldn't it be эта мама?


That's a phrase, "this mom", rather than a sentence "this is mom". See olimo's guide: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11536858


This was very helpful, Thanks!


I typed 'Это ма́ма', and was told I had a TYPO becuase I had INCLUDED the accent on ма́ма. However, in the first question of this lesson (select the right word - with photos) it was spelt ма́ма. a) What is the correct spelling of ма́ма please? b) Is there some subtle difference that I am missing between 'ма́ма' and 'мама'? Thanks!


"Это мама" would be the ultimately correct spelling, since Russian does not actually use any graphic accents. However, for learning's sake, there are usually accents placed in order to know where the stress is. So, "мáма" is the correct form when using accents to indicate stress, but there is no difference between that and "мама", which is how a native Russian would write it.


Thanks, that's really helpful.


Oh, that was exactly what I wanted to know, thank you so much!


Although this lesson covers мама, wouldn't мать also be acceptable?


Word 'мать' is a bit more 'rough', something like mom/mother, or dad/father. In Russian it's used more in official documents, than in real life.


Huh, ok, that makes sense. My Russian professor in college taught a very formal style, so a lot of these nuances are new to me. Thank you!


Why is the correct answer "это мама" and not "эта мама?"


"Эта мама" is a phrase "this mom", "это мама" is a sentence meaning "this is mom". You always use "это" in "this is..." sentences. The other forms such as "эта" are used only when the word is being used as an adjective. See olimo's guide for a more detailed explanation: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11536858


Почему mom а не mum?


"Mom" is American, "mum" is British. The course is designed primarily for American speakers but both should be accepted.

"Mom" - американское слово, а "mum" британское. Этот курс главным образом для американцев, так, предложений перевод - "mom". Но оба правильно.


How come eta is not acceptable, cuz it's more like an adjective?


Because эта мама means "this mum", not "this is mum".

Это мама - this is mum (it is not not auntie)
Это папа - this is dad (it is not uncle)


Эта мама - this mum (this mum, not that one)
Этот папа - this dad (this dad, not that one)


Why is эта мама not accepted? Is mama an exception to 'female ending' thingamabobs?


See my answer to Royce_Ha above.


I am never going to get this. Argh. :)

Ah, hadn't spied Royce asking the same question or I wouldn't even have posted. Thank, you!


I hadn't responded to him yet, but his comment was right there and it seemed a waste of time to type the same reply to both :-) You're welcome!


Olimo's post is really helpful :)


People keep telling me that. XD I keep rereading it, but I haven't managed to soak everything up yet. I should probably just bookmark it and not give myself the excuse not to reference it during practice. :)


When do you need the "–" to represent "is" and when can you just say "Это something"? It seems to accept both everywhere there is a "X is Y" sentence.


When the first word is a pronoun (this, that, I, you etc), the dash is not used. It is used between two nouns or longer phrases.


sorry no russian alphabet on my keyboard ie cannot take course any further

[deactivated user]

    I don't know if you're using the website, but on the web the course allows for transliteration. You can type in English letters.


    how do we add a russian keyboard equivalent to use when typing into Russian?


    I can't type without Russian alphabet


    What device are you using? I just got a Russian keyboard. But I use the on screen keyboard


    For android devices trying to type in Cyrillic. Download the Microsoft swift keyboard and then add Russian to the languages in settings. You can then swipe the space key to change from English to Cyrillic keyboards easily. I'm unsure weather you can download the same on an ios device


    When to use эот and when to use этот?

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