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  5. "You are a girl."

"You are a girl."

Translation:Ты девочка.

November 2, 2015



What is the difference between "Ты" and "Вы"?


The same as the difference between tu and vous in French. Вы is used to talk to several people or to be formal to one person.


Oh, i see. Thanks a bunch.


Also, it seems to me that вы is used when you're speaking to someone in higher stature then you are. ты when someone is lower then you are. In this case is it a girl, not a woman. Which, I think is the reason that it is used in this case. Can a Russian speaker back me up/correct me?


That's right, it's used for formality and respect


Whats the purpouse of the dash, or what does it represent?


In the notes it states "Russian doesn't have articles, nor does it normally use the verb "to be" in present tense. An Em - Dash is used instead of the verb "to be" between the two nouns. <<Мокка – кофе>> (A mocha is coffee)" hope that helps. :)


Here its "dyevochko" google translate is "dyevochka" are both correct, is one wrong, or is one better than the other?


From what I get, the Russian "о" lies somewhere between English "uh" (like in "unlike") and "o" (like in "or") and can oscillate between the two sounds, which is probably the reason for the different transcriptions. The tips on this lesson try to clarify the pronunciation a bit.


According to the Moscow standard of pronunciation, if the syllable containing the 'o' is stressed, then it sounds like an English 'o' but if it's on an unstressed syllable it's an 'a' sound.

The difference between dyevochko and dyevochka could be a matter of cases, though


I thought "девучика" is dativ, and "девушка" nominativ... Or somthing like that


No, russian cases, for almost every word, change only the ending


Its getting difficult they have different words to address same thing


I dont know how to change my keyboard to russian letters


If you use Android:

Open keyboard -> tap the gear -> languages and types -> 3 small dots on the top right

Now you should be able to download any keyboard you want. After that you can change the keyboard you're currently using by either swiping the spacebar or holding it.

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