"Die Frau trinkt."

Translation:The woman is drinking.

January 7, 2013

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it would also be plural to say "ihr trinkt" (you (as in many people) are drinking). ich trinke - i drink du trinkst - you drink er / sie / es trinkt - he / she / it drinks wir trinken - we drink ihr trinkt - you drink sie trinken - they drink

and you can not say "the female drinks" because "female" is "weiblich" in german. "weiblich" is the attribute for being a woman.


I get that "der" is used for men and "die" for woman. But why "das" for water but "der" for apple?


In German, every noun has a gender (different from the gender of the object, if you're referring to a person), and you have to memorize which object takes what gender in the language, which will then tell you which article to use.

Neuter = das Feminine = die Masculine = der

Note: This is for the nominative case, so it will change when you learn the other cases later.


I'm a little confused on when 'trinkt' means 'drinks' and when it means 'is drinking'. I'm sure it's a conjugation, but can anyone help with that usage?


both are interchangeable, and in German the distinction simply isn't made, so you can translate it either way whenever.

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    how do i say "the woman drinks"?


    The same way - die Frau trinkt.


    is die pronounced like the word die in English?


    It is pronounced like 'dee' in english.

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