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  5. "We are brother and sister."

"We are brother and sister."

Translation:Мы брат и сестра.

November 2, 2015



Is it just me or does the skill familiarity decay more quickly in Russian than in other languages on Duolingo? I don't know if that's really true or not but it's how it seems to me. Like my skills lose their gold status really fast.


I have never seen my skills decay on esperanto. However, already two of my russian skills have decayed...


Нет тоже мне


What? No is also to me.


мы-we. This is plural


What is the difference between "а" аnd "и"?


А is used as a means of juxtaposition.

И is used to connect two "similar" things together.

А is regularly used in the following types of sentences:

  • I am an engineer, and you are a medic. = Я инженер, а ты медик.
  • I am an engineer, and you are not. = Я инженер, а ты нет.
  • I am eating and you are sleeping. = Я ем, а ты спишь.
  • I am eating and you aren't. = Я ем, а ты нет.
  • I like apples/I am eating/I am a medic. And you? = Я люблю яблоки / ем/ медик. А ты?

("I" and "you" are just used for clarity here)

Note how you "compare" two things here (like, side to side). But there is NO contradiction. I mean, if I am an engineer, there is nothing to prevent you from being a medic.

There are also more advanced cases of "narrative" contrast, which I am not sure we even introduce in the course:

  • На столе кубик, а на кубике лилия. = A cube is on the table, and there a lily on the box.
  • Я ем яблоки, а это витамины и всё такое. = I eat apples, and that's vitamins and stuff, you know

Here, you might understand it as "and now one more thing you did not expect me to say".


So a is like 'whereas' more than 'and '


Thank you very much! I understand now.


Thanks for the notice !!
I didn't see differences between both .


Таке лингот


Спасибо большое. Thank you so much


"a" is usually used in sentence with opposition, when you compare something! Or when something contradicts to something else.


Why is "мы есть брат и сестра" wrong? When does есть get used vs omitted?


Есть basically translates to "there is" or "there are". If you just need to say "is" or "are" then you omit the verb.


How are you supposed to write ȳ


Type in cyrillic instead; this is a Russian course after all :')


Typing in cyrillc needs practice


Нот реаллу, и лурнд ит ин лук 4 харс лол


Most computers allow for Russian Keyboard installs. Go to Control Panel > Language > Add Language

Under R, you should find Russian (русский) . Click on Add Input Method, and Install the Russian or Russian Mnemonic keyboard.

Wait for it to install, and boom. Russian keyboard. Don't pay extra money for one. To change keyboards quickly, just press Windows Key + Space (This is useful if you're on a chatroom or video-game.)

The Russian Mnemonic keyboard translates the syllables you type automatically (Though not 100%, you'd have to adjust accordingly). Though be warned, Russian keyboards have a different layouts than the traditional QWERTY keyboard. If you want to move to a post-soviet state (Or you're in one already), be warned, computers there would generally be in this layout. - (http://www.linguanaut.com/images/russian_keyboard2.gif).


OMG this is so damn helpful. Thank you so much


So is there no word for 'are'?


А почему в английской фразе слова брат и сестра без артиклей?


В отдельных сочетаниях из тесно связанных объектов так бывает. Например, в man and wife тоже нет артикля: "The priest said they were now man and wife."


Понятно, спасибо ))


how do you type the russian in this


When are you supposed to use меня?


Я means "I" and "меня" means "me".

Note that "у меня" literally means "by me", so "У меня есть свитер" means "By me there is a sweater," or in clearer English, "I have a sweater."


Почему перед "brother" и "sister" нет никаких артиклей?


Consider it as a joint plural word describing their relationship, not themselves. Like 'We are friends'. Also two people maybe 'a brother' and 'a sister' while dont having a relationship at all.


При произношении слова "сестра" ударение ставится на последнюю гласную "а"


Why not у нас instead of мы


"У нас" means "we have", not "we are".


Difference between Они и Мы?


I do not have that alphabet on my key board. Where can i find it?


I do not have those symbols in my computer. How can I set them on computer screen.

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