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  5. "Is it America or Canada?"

"Is it America or Canada?"

Translation:Это Америка или Канада?

November 2, 2015



How do you decide if you should write "а" or "или"?


или = or

а = and (in the sense of opposing smth to smth) / but


Оh, sorry, I thought it also meant "or" instead of "but".


I think the hint gave both а and или for or...


I typed "Eto Amerika ili Kanada?" And i got it wrong because I didn't type the cyrillic alphabet. I reliaze that there is not the feature to write in the Cyrillic alphabet because this is brand new and needs improvements. I just wanted to point this out, also I am really enjoying this course!


The Update nearest to the top explains how to install a Russian keyboard on Windows, Mac, IOS and Android. If you are using Windows(I'm not sure if this works for any other OS), you can easily switch between you English keyboard and your Russian keyboard by pressing Alt+Shift. This site is a good resource to practise touch typing using the Russian keyboard. Just make sure to go to the site's settings and change the keyboard to Russian in the "Keyboard Layout" settings. I hope this helped and I am glad you enjoy the course.


(Alt+Shift) works, also pressing the (Windows key + Space bar) should work, too!


thank you! Would you know by any chance if there would be one for a chromebook?


Just change your keyboard to Cyrillic. I did it and its a little confusing to type with but have a keyboard reference sheet for yourself and you'll be typing in no time!


http://www.keybr.com/#!game is a pretty good site to practise touch typing in Russian. I hope this helped! :)


why do I need to type in an e with accent, no russian book has them?


You don't. It is a bug and it should be fixed by now.


You can go to your computer settings (if on windows) and install a Russian keyboard. (Get the mnemonic one so the letters match your keyboard phonetically.)

Also there will be a few keys missing (ч щ э) which can be done by pressing the following.

ч - press 'c' then 'h' one after the other. щ - press 's' then 'c' one after the other. э - press 'y' then 'e' one after the other.

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