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  5. "Vera Ivanovna, are you well?"

"Vera Ivanovna, are you well?"

Translation:Вера Ивановна, у вас всё хорошо?

November 2, 2015



Can't I use «ты хорошо?»?


«у тебя всё хорошо», and you cannot do it here because "Вера Ивановна" is a standard polite address. Only у вас.


Unfortunately no, you should use the word "у"

And another word form.


Folks from older generations may still call each other "ты" while using the patronymics. Nevertheless, the use of "вы" would be significantly more likely in such situations. Both express certain degree of respect and they go well together.

And then, as Arthur has already mentioned, you need to use the genitive case with the proposition "у" here: "у вас/у тебя". This is how the language works.

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