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Russian for English Speakers Beta

So, this was a great concept and still can be, but there are several issues. As a student at a university who is taking Russian, many of my answers were "incorrect" although they are technically correct (мать vs мама is just one example). Also, the voice used for listening is incredibly hard to understand...

November 3, 2015



I guess that's just what the beta testing thingie is for. I didn't know any before, though, so the way I first learn it is just the way it's going to be for me, unless something really reasonable changes my mind. Good luck on learning Russian! It's a great language!


Actually, I am even surprised by a few of these mistakes. Probably, a consequence of the lessons' contents being a mix of old and new sentences. If this is truly the case, it will be fixed rather soon.

However, if you struggle with the voice, I would suggest focusing on that in particular because it should not be hard to understand.


Если честно то голос действительно проглатывает буквы иногда. Не очень чётко выражены слова.


I have little to no issues understanding the voice, but that may be because I've been studying Russian for several years.


мать vs. мама

This is like the difference between mother and mom (or mum or mama) in English. The course developers probably just want you to be more specific.

But if you do find problems that you think should be reported, there is a way to submit them at the bottom of each page. Right now it is not working, but it probably will be soon. And (a word to the wise) while you're waiting for the improvement to be made, just go with what Duolingo wants, or else you'll likely be very, very frustrated.

Although I went through only a couple of lessons, it seemed that the s-l-o-w-e-d d-o-w-n voice is a little garbled, and that's what is used, mostly, at the beginning. The voice at regular speed seems fine so far and it's fine for dictation.


There are some mistakes in intonations, especially in questions. For example: "Где я?" sounds incorrect. It is normally pronounced like "gdYEya" with the stress over the "ye" and without any pause between the words.


Yeah. I kept on repeatedly mistakening Том for дом or vice versa. It was pretty annoying, but I guess it's just that I'm not all that familiar with Russian yet.... But it's still a pretty good course over all.

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