"I never open anything."

Translation:Я никогда ничего не открываю.

November 3, 2015

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How about я никогда не открываю ничего


It looks, as "nothing" is a real thing, and you never open it in positive way. Saying this way is not good in Russian. But if you will make some pause before "ничего", it will be passionate way of speaking. Like as "I never open anything. Nothing at all! And never!!! Everything must be closed!!! Forever and ever!!! That is me, who speak to you. That I am, who is called the Notopener Great!!!"


I love this answer and this sentence!


Is double negation valid in Russian?


There is no other negation in Russian. If your sentence is negative, all pronouns referencing "any", "every" and "some" objects are automatically replaced by their negative twins.


Kinda like how in English people jokingly say "I don't know no nothing"? Thanks.


Yes. Except, not doing this is grammatically incorrect. Think of a sentence like "She walks, talks, and thinks". The verbs must be in 3rd person singular: you cannot make it "She walk, talk, and thinks" or "She walks, talk, and think", despite the endings being repetitive and adding no new information.

Similarly, in Russian negative sentences indefinite/negative pronouns "agree" with the predicate in their "polarity". Either they are all positive, or all negative. Well, unless you have a specially structured sentence (e.g., "I think I did not buy something" = "I forgot to buy a certain thing, not sure what it is")


Sir Igor, your articulation into these small matters have been invaluable to these Duolingo lessons' efficacy. You truly are a scholar and I hope that you get something out of it, even if it's only personal gratification, because many of us are getting something from you: understanding. I appreciate you and what you do. Thank you.


In old Austrian dialects of German double negation is the norm and it seems that is was in many other languages as well. Only more recently "official" languages have been made to adhere to (BOOLEAN) logical constructions.


it's a triple negetion he he


"Не" is the only negation here. "Никогда" and "ничего" are not negations. Usually they translate as "never" and "nothing" but that's not true. They point to time and other things in a negative sentence but they don't work at all without "не".


So many negations, almost made me dizzy.


I wrote "я никогда не открываю ничего" correct solution "Я никогда ничего не открываю." Does the order of the words really matter?


I think не must always be preceded by ничего to represent 'nothing'.

But then again, Я ещё изучаю этот язык, ничего не знаю. XD


Хаха я тоже X3


Is there a differece between я никогда ничего не and я ничего никогда не?


"Я никогда не открываю что-нибуд" не верно?


In negative sentences all pronouns referring to "something", "some time", "in some way" are negative.

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