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  5. "My dad likes soup very much."

"My dad likes soup very much."

Translation:Мой папа очень любит суп.

November 3, 2015



Why can't you say "мою папу очень нравится суп"?


Because Dad is the subject, so doesn't need to modify, this only applies if Dad is the direct object. E.g:

"я люблю мою папу" I love my dad


this doesn't seem to be correct ...

e.g. "мне нравится суп" dative + verb + nominative => "моему папе очень нравится этот машина"

translates to German, "Meinem Vater gefällt das Auto sehr", it's the same structure: dative + verb + nominative: "Dad" is not the subject in these sentences, but the soup, the car - are the subjects.

"я люблю мою папу": here, the grammatical structure is: nominative + verb + accusative!

also, I think you'd rather say "я люблю свою папу"


Could I say "мой папа очень нравится суп"?


It is "моему папе очень нравится суп". The verb нравиться takes the object as a grammatical subject and applies that experience "to" a person. Think of the English verb "seem", which acts the same way.


Isnt better to use нравится when liking an inanimate object ?


Нравится is what you can use for liking something specific and on a single occasion. Любить is long-term only.

There is an overlap between нравиться and любить when the "object" is, in principle specific BUT used on a habitual basis, e.g. you favourite item of clothing, a bus route, a café, a certain meal.

You can say "Мне нравится мисо-суп" or "Я люблю мисо-суп". Either can be interpreted in the sense that you generaly enjoy miso soup.


Моей папе нравится? :(

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