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Russian keyboard for lazy people like me

Selam millet, Здравствуйте, and of course howdy.

I have been dabbling in Russian for quite some time now and I figure I should share my personal favorite Russian keyboard. It is (somewhat spicily) called " Russian for Gringos " and it used to save my life when I was taking Russian classes two years ago. I highly recommend using it if you want to avoid the pain to relearning where all the keys are on a keyboard. They line up for the most part where the letters are on a standard English keyboard

Kolay gelsin

November 3, 2015



If you're a Mac person, try out the "Russian - Phonetic" keyboard under input sources. It does the same thing.


Thanks! I actually found it in system preferences/keyboard. Hit + to add a keyboard, then scroll down to Russian and add it, then the "Russian - Phonetic" is one of the choices. Once that is selected, I noticed that there was a little US flag icon next to my wi-fi strength indicator. I clicked on it, then I was able to select the Russian flag and type with Russian characters. Now I just have to figure out where they are on the keyboard! No worries about getting stuck with the Russian keyboard, just click the flag and select your other keyboard(s).


This is the best way to go (I use the YaWert keyboard map, but it's basically the same deal). One thing you will want is a set of cyrillic letter sticker for your keyboard. I recommend these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0010M6JO8?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_search_detailpage


This is similar to the Russian phonetic keyboard on linux.


I want to encourage the learners to learn to type blind, without sticking symbols on the key-board. By using a chart at first to locate the positions, I managed to type blind in 4 hours time. I did this by rewriting all sentences that I learn, immediately in a Word document after each sentence when they occur.


I was able to buy a very cheap keyboard cover on amazon that has both Cyrillic and english letters on it. When doing Russian I just switch my keyboard settings and am able to type straight from my regular keyboard, but in Russian! Это отличный!


Here’s another inexpensive and easy-to-use way to go. I’ve been using the “TypeIt” app for quite a while, and find its Russian phonetic keyboard to be simple to use, allowing one to switch back and forth between Russian and English quickly and easily. As a bonus, it comes with many, many other languages built in. And the one time I had a problem, the support was great. You can get it wherever you get your apps. And I think the cost was about $15.00 U.S. My only complaint is that it does not include Hebrew, which I am also learning on Duolingo. I highly recommend it. Now that I think about it, you can get it at: http://www.typeit.org/; or: https://russian.typeit.org/

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