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  5. "She is me."

"She is me."

Translation:Она это я.

November 3, 2015



Can't I say она - я ?

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can't explain why, but you can't say so.


I want to know why this is not correct too.


i don't understand this either.


Why do I need "eto" here?

[deactivated user]

    Она, я и он сейчас в метро.
    She, I and he are in the subway now.

    Она — я, и он сейчас в метро.
    She is me and he is in the subway now.


    You just cant. It would sound like this in english, "She is being me" which makes little sense. But она - я doesnt sound totally wrong when saying "that person is me". But Она это я to me puts more emphasis on who I am - "Her right there, that is me"


    It is wrong to think in that way, stop trying to translate everything one on one, it wont work.


    Thid helps me. Спасиба


    What is the point of these non-sensical tasks? (This is the weirdest one yet).

    No one seems to understand even what the English sentence is supposed to mean, and the "correct" translation has a grammatical structure that appears for the first time in this very task itself! Please guide me if I'm mistaken but there are no "instructions", no preparations... how could anyone have LEARNED to construct this translation here? 'Eto' has so far only been seen as the first word in sentences.

    BTW: check out the hover-tips on this page... "Ona | eto | ya" = "(does) she | This | me" :D


    You couldn't have known it by this point if all you've done is DL exercises leading up to it. But that is okay, noone is giving you a fail for not knowing it. You learn it here in this exercise. Simply put, "something is a something" uses это.

    Курица - это птица = Chicken is a bird (not a mammal). Same structure here, Someone (она = she) is something (это я = is me).

    Она - это я.

    Actually you've already been shown many things which have never been explained to you (too complex), but you went with the flow. You've just noticed it here, because the structure seems so unnatural and unlike anything you've seen so far.


    "No one is giving you a fail". I sure don't want to run out of health


    The problem with the "a chicken is a bird" example is that it goea from the specific to the general, whereas "she is me" does not.


    THANK YOU!!!! This is so frustrating. I was just thinking this myself - I keep using the words in the structure given thus far, and there's no indication things have changed other than getting the questions wrong til you get them right. It's so frustrating. It feels very much like a guessing game at some points more than instructional.


    They make this for a reason, you will learn from your mistakes more than from your success


    I did the same mistake. But I was more relieved than frustrated. So far we only had trivial uses of это., like это Том, это Анна, etc. Now I have a slightly better understanding of how это is meant to be used. I don’t care about losing one heart as long as it makes me better.

    As for the “guessing game at some points more than instructional”, you are totally right. That’s called inductive learning and that’s how Duolingo has worked since day one.


    I'm not sure I understand what this English sentence is supposed to mean. -- You hear "I am she (or her)" in English, but if I saw the sentence "She is me." I would think someone might mean--She looks like me -- or - She acts like me. (American English is my first language--speaking it for sixty years now.)


    So I just talked to my Russian friend, and if I understood him correctly, this is talking about two separate people <она> and <я>, and comparing them as being the same. Like a niece looking exactly like you as a child, or a doppelganger in the street. He said a similar phrase would be <он похож на меня>. I expect that this also can be used for temperaments or personalities, like a mom and daughter being as stubborn and thus being similar.


    So I am imagining my friend, who is looking at some old pictures, asks -Who is she? -She is me. Wouldn't this conversation in this context translate as -Кто она? -Она я.


    Она - я. - That's what I thought. I'm still looking for any explanation of the это .


    It's the name of a song by Фабрика https://youtu.be/pW5n19vc0EI


    And looking at this song, I would translate it as "This is I/me" or more literally "she - this is I/me."


    Why we need Это?


    Can I say я она?


    Correct English would be, "I am she."


    Perhaps -- but almost no native speaker would actually say it that way. And (in the end) they get to decide what "correct English" is.


    That's an interesting viewpoint. I actually thought the correct English would be "she", because I tried to match up the English cases with the Russian cases, but that sounded so unnatural I thought I must be wrong.

    [deactivated user]

      I still don’t understand why do I need это…


      In later lessons, you'll see this structure quite a lot, it's just the way Russians say that "Something is something". For instance, you'll see "Курица - это птица" - Chicken is a bird (not a mammal). No reason to try and understand this, just a structure they use.


      "Она есть я" - why can't i use it?


      Russian generally doesn't "есть" to mean something "is (the same as)" something. Usually "есть" is only used to mean something "exists". It's probably confusing because English doesn't make that distinction consistently. The verb "to be" is used for many jobs in English. :)


      Because that you indicate that you are that person with out question


      I type in the correct answer it gives me and it tells me that's wrong and provides another, and then tells me the first one is right? I guess they're both correct, but I'm stuck at this level because it won't accept either of those answers.


      I really dont understand why u just cant write она я


      Shouldn't we use the feminine эта instead of the neutral это?


      Either it is wrong or we've been learning it wrong all this time. In which case i better stop using this app


      For me, the problem lies within the english sentence. I t would make more sense to me if it was "She, that's me". - I'm not a native speaker of english either though


      Hi guys,

      I have a problem I can't find a good Russian keyboard and so I can't write this I have tried Google translate but it is wrong. I can't get past this level someone please help it would be much appreciated.



      Just add it on your keyboard as russian if you use your smartphone. Regards.


      You don't need a physical keyboard. Just enable it on your phone or in Windows/Mac. If you're on a computer you'll want to let some sticker labels to put on your keyboard, but there are good ones on eBay for less than $5.


      Did you look it to you phones Keybord, some already have some langueages exept the latin, I found my there


      Что это значит??


      This is the name of a song


      That reminds of what Flaubert "said" about one of his most famous characters "Emma Bovary is me"


      Why can't I use зтот here?


      You can't use этот because it is the masculine form of это. This sentence is referring to a she.


      Thats what I wanna know...i have a feeling эта may have 10 forms or something for us to learn l8r. Perhaps that's the French influence in Russki.


      what the mean of this sentence?


      Why not Она я ...? :(


      Shouldnt она моя be accepted. Она is she and моя i thought was "me" or "my"


      Relax people, every language has its idioms


      What would be the appropriate context to be using this phrasing? Maybe looking at a younger picture of myself and telling who can't recognize me она - это я?

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