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A suggestion for Turkish writing

Simply, we suggest a topic every week and then we write about it. Then, some Turk volunteers will check it and correct it, and as a reward for that we give the checker a lingot. We can have an idea from this link: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11299951

November 3, 2015



If any Turks want to volunteer, that would be great! I doubt any of our team has the time however (I know I don't!)


There used to be a volunteer checking Turkish "Lingots for Stories" stories but they had to quit due to lack of time as well.


Why don't you try lang-8? There are lots of people there who are more than happy to help others.


I actually do have time. Soon, I'll be busy with the fr-tr course, but I can easily squeeze in my schedule a few paragraph corrections every day. So there is me, if you're ok with me correcting stuff.


So how can we send it to you? Through the link I've posted above? Or directly?


Either way is fine. I think if you post it on my stream, it would be more practical, but I don't really mind how we do it.

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